Bookish Bingo 2015

book read stampOther than the goodreads reading challenge, i’ve never taken part in any reading lists or goals or the like. But this bookish bingo card by The Girly Geek Book Blog seems just fun enough without a huge level of commitment. I don’t know if i’ll get a line (vertically, anyway, i might mange horizontally!) and i highly doubt i’ll get a bingo, but i might make patterns and i will for sure have fun. And that’s what reading is about most of the time, right? Fun. So, here is where i’ll be keeping track of my bingo card, and checking off relevant squares. I will also link back to this post in the reviews of books that count towards it.

Legs eleven, let’s go!


The books
The Stand: Made into a TV (mini)series, over 500 pages and features supernatural powers.
Animal Farm: A modern classic, a banned book and non-human characters.
Amphigorey: A graphic book, one-word title and found out about on goodreads.
Rosemary’s Baby: Set somewhere i want to visit.
Wanderers of Time: Set in the future, set outside of Earth and about time travel.
Bedlam: Pirates, cyborgs or robots and set in a parallel universe. (Some might consider pirates a stretch, but computer game space travel or not, they are called pirates in the book!)
Ablutions: Notes for a Novel: Free space
The Little Book of Vegan Poems: Chosen because of its cover and a book of poetry.
Breakfast of Champions: A memoir (okay, maybe not exactly, but the blurb does say: ‘a miraculous weaving of science fiction, memoir, parable, fairy tale and farce’ so i’m totally having it).
Florence and Giles: A retelling (it’s a reworking of The Turn of the Screw), main character under 16 and a strong sibling relationship.
Howl’s Moving Castle: About a curse, kiss-ass female hero and purple on the cover.
King of Thorns: Second book in a series.
We Have Always Lived in the Castle: Set in a small town.
To Kill a Mockingbird: Pulitzer Prize winner.
Radiator Days: Self-published, based on true stories and written by someone under 30.
Metamorphosis and Other Stories: Originally written in a different language.
Americosis Vol. I: Published in the last month.
The Female Man: LGBT main character and a main character my age.
The Yellow Wallpaper: A colour in the title.
The Maze Runner: An Asian main character.
Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis: An author with your initials and an author with your first name.
The Colour of Magic: Dragons.
Lovers’ Lies: Water on the cover.
Much Ado About Nothing: A play.
The Paper Men: Published in my birth year.
The BFG: A book from my childhood.

A total of 45 squares completed in 26 books! BINGO!!


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9 Responses to Bookish Bingo 2015

  1. lynnsbooks says:

    That’s a really good bingo card! Lots of choices on there to make sure there’s never a dull moment!
    Lynn πŸ˜€

  2. Yvo says:

    This challenge sounds like a lot of fun! I might try it out myself as well. πŸ™‚

  3. Ooh, this one looks fun! I wasn’t planning to do any challenges this year, but I keep caving to temptation. I love the categories here, I think they are just the thing to help diversify reading habits.

  4. Thanks for participating! I’m really glad you like the challenges and I hope you enjoy completing them! Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

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