The Little Book of Vegan Poems

littlebookofvegampoemsTitle: The Little Book of Vegan Poems

Author: Benjamin Zephaniah

Summary: Benjamin Zephaniah dedicated this collection of 22 new poems to “the caring, dedicated young vegans of the world…who will not stand for any exploitation whatever the species.” Filled with the unique “radical rapper” poems that Zephaniah is famous for, this book also includes an extensive contact list of international vegan and animal rights organisations.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Review: This was a quick little read. I found it in the room i’ve been staying in over Easter while visiting relatives. The cover attracted my attention (minimalism ♥) and the subject matter gained my interest. It’s short, at 41 pages, and only took me half an hour to read.

The topic of veganism was the most interesting thing for me and these poems explore several aspects of veganism. The fact that eating meat is so ingrained in our culture that no one thinks to question it and the idea that causing harm to other beings should never be so easily accepted and taught. The fact that all beings are equal; animals are just trying to get on with their lives and that humans aren’t in any way better than them.

Some of the poems I really liked. Some for their message, some for their style, some for the fact they made me laugh. Others I was less enamoured with. Some fell flat, some used language in a way that just didn’t work for me, some were just okay.

Benjamin Zephaniah is known more for his dub poetry, and although I’ve not seen him perform, I think these poems would work much better read live. With emphasis, inflexion, personality and energy. I just think they would hit their mark more accurately and punch much higher.

I think this book is a nice reference piece or accompaniment, but as a stand alone is lacking something.

This knocks two squares off my Bookish Bingo: Chosen because of its cover and a book of poetry.


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