TTT: Books I’ll Never Read

TTTI was quite looking forward to this post, because honestly, i love talking about why i don’t like something. I’m odd, i know, but i have opinions, okay?  This was actually a lot harder than i thought it would be. I’m sure there are plenty more books that i would never touch, let alone pick up and read, but it’s hard to remember what they are when the whole point is that i don’t care about them! I think i took this subject a liiiiitle too seriously, but… i mentioned opinions, right? Anyway, here are the ones i could think of.

Twilight. What i know about this book: Sparkly vampires, lacklustre helpless female lead, a love triangle with a werewolf, and piss poor writing. No, thank you. A friend of mine was told she shouldn’t slag off these books unless she’d read them, and, dedicated person that she is, she read them all. To this day, she slags them off with abandon, and i adore her for it.

Lolita. This book is likely a classic for a reason, and i very much doubt the author is romanticising the subject matter… i just really don’t want to read about it.

The Bible. And any and all religious texts. They might make excellent fictitious stories, but that people tout them as fact and use them as excuses to be offensive, bigoted and self-righteous, that people use them the for the foundations of propaganda-spreading, brainwashing organised religion, that people fight wars and kill each other over these books… i think i hate them more than Twilight, to be honest.

Mein Kampf. I just have no interest in what a little, hateful, mass-murdering sack of shite has to say.

A Game of Thrones. There is so, so very much hype around these books and the TV series… but they don’t interest me at all. It all seems to be sex, incest, violence and drama. Meh, no thanks.

Fifty Shades of Grey. I just think if you really want to read that kind of fiction, there are more well-written books out there. I haven’t read them, so will refrain from commenting on the subject of consent within the books, but regardless of that, people who are active in the BDSM community have slated this book for its representation of the practise. Also, the snippets i have had the misfortune to read/hear have just offended me on an English-language level.

War and Peace. Because let’s be honest, i’d never get through it; i have too many other books that i actually want to read.

Pride and Prejudice. And really, anything else in this umbrella of Austen/Brontës/etc. All respect to being a female writer at that time, but fiction focused on women finding a man and having relationships (no matter how spunky the female lead might seem to be)… i just have less than zero interest in that.

Gone with the Wind. Does this fit in with the Austen/Brontës/etc? I’m not sure, but with the subject of love and war and the snippets of the film i have seen, it’s the same reason why i’m not at all interested.

Any and all celebrity (auto)biographies. I just don’t care. The people i would read biographies of are the kind of people who don’t have them. And, i’m kind of more than okay with that.


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20 Responses to TTT: Books I’ll Never Read

  1. I am so with you on 50 Shades of Grey. The snippets I have read are so bad, writing wise, that I have no interest in reading anymore!

  2. The 50 Shades Trilogy made my list this week!! Just can’t get into the hype of this series. Here’s my TTT post for this week:

  3. Lauren says:

    100% agree with you on 50 Shades.

    Check out my TTT.

  4. I am so with you on Fifty Shades! It was on my list this week too! I have to agree on the Bible too, it just seems to give people an excuse to be bigots. Mein Kampf…..just no. In fact I don’t think I’d read anything on your list either!
    My TTT:

  5. Erika says:

    I don’t care so much for celebrity biographies either.

  6. Rachel says:

    I celebrate our differences!!! Lol

    So, Twilight – I read them when I got out of prison (University) in 2012 and enjoyed them, they were addictive reading, but not that stimulating. Like a chocolate bar is to your health opposed to fruit. I will say the books fare better than the movies in terms of how woeful Stewart is at playing Bella. I’d be tempted to reread them to see what I think now. I didn’t read much for fun during Uni, so these were a gentle welcome back to literature. If you can call it that.

    Lolita is one I want to try. Tricky subject matter, yes, but I hear it’s a very well put together book.

    The Bible. I’ve never read it from start to finish. But I had a religious education in the sense that I went to religious schools. They’re a thing here. So I’m reasonably well versed in parables and what not. I don’t think I’ll ever read it for the same reasons as you, but it helps when I’m being anti-religious to be versed in some of it.

    I LOL’d at your description of Hitler – is that even in print anywhere?!

    I’m surprised at P&P, I immediately thought you would be in that classic camp. I think the reason I want to read P&P so badly (I’ve never made it through it, but enjoyed the BBC adaptation!) is because the female lead goes against the grain of the time when it comes to romance and relationships – she’s quite the feminist in a way. Taking it in the context of the time I don’t find that off-putting, but then I read modern contemporaries and romances too.

    Eh. Biographies can be my vice. Depending on who it is for, but I find them a guilty pleasure sometimes!

    My TTT:

    • Wendleberry says:

      We do seem to have almost perfectly opposite tastes! It makes for interesting discussions 🙂

      If Twilight is used as more of a gateway drug into more interesting and worthwhile literature for people, i can appreciate that. But the fact that it was the inspiration for Fifty Shades says a lot to me.

      If there is any book on this list i would likely change my mind on it’s Lolita, but with so many other books i want to read, i doubt i will. It would make me feel far too uncomfortable.

      My partner had a religious education too, and he has an affinity with this cartoon:

      Horribly, yes, Mein Kampf is still in print and available from all major high street bookshops. Scary, huh?

      With P&P (and Austen/Brontës/etc) it more that genre of classic fiction that i have no interest in. If you fancy some feminist fiction i recommend Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. (Here’s a good article about the book.) Or, if you want female-written fiction from the same era, i’d recommend Frankenstein. But, as you say, you’re a fan of the romance genre generally, so Austen/Brontës/etc is more up your alley.

      • Rachel says:

        Ehhhh – I’ll not add that after reading Twilight, I immediately read the 50 Shades series – but then I moved on to much better books. Lolita is definitely one I want to attempt, I’ve never tried it, so don’t know if it will be an epic fail for me or not. I always thought I hated classics, but I really liked Of Mice and Men, and LOVED TKAMB, so I think there’s some I hate, and some gems out there for me to find. Hahaha – that cartoon is horribly accurate!

        I support freedom in literature, so can’t say I would agree with banning Mein Kampf for research purposes, or to learn from our mistakes, but not sure why stores would still stock it. I can’t imagine it sells many copies…

        You are the person to come to for classics advice, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this! I’m signed up to the Classics Club ( because even if I hate them all, I want to TRY them so I know for sure they aren’t for me. Of Mice and Men and TKAMB surprised me in how much I loved them though, so there are classics out there I can relate to! I’m guessing these are considered more modern classics, and maybe that’s where my problem lies? R x

  7. lynnsbooks says:

    Haha, your list is great. I confess I read the Twilight series – and (apart from No.4) at the time I really enjoyed them – whether I’d feel that way now I have no idea. 50 Shades – I read the first book because I crumbled to pressure from a friend – and I hated it. I wanted to tear it up, through it at the wall and shred it! For me – it was that bad.
    Lolita I have no interest in.
    The classics – I read most of them when I was younger and I suppose I therefore have a soft spot for them – I think it would be interesting to see how I feel about them now.
    Lynn 😀

  8. I’m with you on pretty much all of these. Only ones I’ve read: Lolita – yes, a classic, and yes, a…weird subject matter, but it’s a really good book, if you can say that about a book about that – and a few celebrity autobiographies – namely Yes Please by Amy Poehler, hilarious, and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling, not as hilarious. I agree that most of the people I would want to read about have never and will never write an autobiography.

    • Wendleberry says:

      If there is one book on this list i would change my mind on it would be Lolita, but when there are so many other books to read, i doubt it will happen.

  9. It’s funny when celebrities who have only seen like an hour of fame dish out an autobiography. Not that I’d read them but sometimes I wonder what kind of content goes into these books!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

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