Radiator Days

rdTitle: Radiator Days

Author: Lucy Knisley

Summary: I used to live in a small apartment in Chicago, where the radiator hummed noisily while I drew comics. The comics in this book were made over a two-year period that seems to consist of constant winter. They were drawn to the tune of the radiator’s hum.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

Review: I enjoy comics and i enjoy short stories. This book is a collection of short story comics, so going in there was a high chance of me loving it. This was a random purchase from my local comic book shop, and it did not disappoint. It’s a fun lighthearted read, with a decent splattering of meaningful honesty and thoughtfulness.

Part journal, part fiction the stories have a nice mix. On the whole i think i preferred the journal-type comics, because they gave me more of a sense of the author, why she drew these comics and what she herself was getting out of it. I particularly liked the comics covering one day, with two panels per hour, as well as the ‘Summer Journals’ which covered a couple of months, a one-page comic a day. The fictitious comics ranged from sweet and serious to bizarre and funny. The ones that stick with me being the tomboy bridesmaid stuck in a lift and the skeleton/bear fight.

Knisley’s drawing style is simple, but never lacking. On the whole she uses plain line drawings, but manages to put a lot of life into them. It’s accessible; it seems to invite the reader into the story, to be a part of it and share in its delights, rather than solely to be admired. It’s the kind of art that inspires me because it’s wonderful, but also looks like something even i could manage if i practised enough.


I have another Knisley book, bought on the same day as this random purchase, and i’m very much looking forward to reading it. Knisley draws smart, funny and perceptive comics, but also random, poignant and relateable stories. Plus, the references to Jeffrey Lewis make me happy.

This knocks three squares off my Bookish Bingo: Self-published, based on true stories and written by someone under 30.


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