TTT: Author Duos

TTTNow, this was a fun topic! Thinking about what I love about an author’s work and figuring out who they would compliment, shake up a little and come up with something interesting together. I enjoyed this immensely, and found it hard to stop at 10, to be honest. Though it does leave me a little melancholy to know that none of these super awesome writing duos will ever happen. Imagination, it’s just you and me.

On with the wishful thinking…

Ursula Le Guin and Shirley Jackson – I love my horror with a thread of science fiction, and these two ladies would deliver on the very, very best science fiction/horror combination. Haunted spaceship? Murderous aliens? Yes. Yes, please.

Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle – The book would be called Poirot vs Sherlock: Clash of the Egos and I would read the fuck out of it.

John Wyndham and Charlotte Perkins Gilman – I just respect both these authors and their work a huge amount. Both tell interesting stories with realistic characters. Mostly though, I love Wyndham’s respect for and inclusion of strong, well-rounded female characters, and Gilman’s steadfast feminism. I think they could do wonderful, wonderful things together.

Christopher Brookmyre and Joss Whedon – Both just amazing storytellers, if they ever wrote something together (be that a book, a comic, a film or TV series), it is entirely possible I would explode with joy. And, you know, it’s not impossible—Brookmyre is a Whedon fan, with Buffy and Firefly references in his books…

Oscar Wilde and Mark Lawrence – I don’t know, this one feels kind of odd, but kind of perfect. Both these writers have this way with words that seems so easy and natural, but it so, so witty and funny. Can they take Lord Henry, plop him down in Ancrath and see what words of wisdom he’s got for Jorg?

George Orwell and Edward Gorey – I quite fancy some political and dystopian limericks with gothic black and white drawings. I think these two could deliver perfectly.

Mark Gatiss and Lucy Knisley – I demand a fourth Lucifer Box novel, with cute, telling little illustrations by Knisley. Lucifer would say he hated them, but secretly he would love how adorable he looks.

Joanna Russ and Kurt Vonnegut – I’m imagining something very astute, political and feminist… but also very, very fucking bizarre. I could love it or I could hate it, but likely a bit of both. When can I read it?

J.D. Salinger and Edgar Allan Poe – Salinger’s slow, steady and interesting writing, but with the effortless, eerie mood-setting prose of Poe. If this existed, I think i could quickly become addicted to it.

Patrick Gale and Chuck Palahniuk – I think Gale’s solid character-driven emotion-filled stories would prove much more fascinating with a graphic and edgy Palahniuk twist to them.

Would you read any of these pairings’ books? Who would you read?–Show me your TTT!


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13 Responses to TTT: Author Duos

  1. Salinger and Poe, what a great idea!! 🙂

  2. So many amazing pairs here. Freaking Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle?! YES. So much yes. My TTT!

  3. CJ Dawn says:

    J.D. Salinger and Edgar Allan Poe is a fascinating combination. I bet that would have made for a very interesting story.

  4. I’d be totally on board with Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle! That would be AMAZINGLY EPIC! Very interesting list 😀

  5. Stephanie says:

    These are definitely some of the most creative author duos I’ve seen yet! I’m so on board with George Orwell and Edward Gorey!

  6. @lynnsbooks says:

    Hah, i love it – and I can’t believe that we had a few of the same authors!
    Lynn 😀

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