TTT: Bookish Wishes

TTTI actually found this one pretty hard. After the first one, i struggled to think of nine more. I’m easy to please, apparently? Mostly, if i want something, or to do something, i just do, so these are focused mostly on things that just… aren’t genuinely possible. I’m disappointed in myself, really; for someone with a healthy imagination, i couldn’t think of more bizarre and creative things. Sigh. It’s been a busy week, so i’ll blame my incapability on the fact that i’m bloody knackered.

An infinite amount of reading time. Essentially, this is everything i need. Can i not go to work, or shopping (unless it’s for books!), or to meetings, or training or all that boring stuff. Can i just read, always? Thanks.

More books by John Wyndham. John Wyndham died in 1969, after writing 22 books worth of fiction. He is also my favourite author. I haven’t read all his books–i’m pacing myself because there is only a finite amount, and i want to savour each any every book. If i could just wish more Wyndham books into existence, that would be amaaaaazing.

More people to discuss the type of books I read with. These people must exist, i just have yet to find them. I know people who read some of the same kind of books i read, but not every (apparently?) niche genre i read in. Why do so many people read romance YA, but not post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction horror, pulp science fiction, classic feminist literature and random short story collections? *sigh*

Films made from Christopher Brookmyre books. I should specify: films made to my tastes. I mean, i did a film degree and have made my own short films, so if this wish comes with the condition that i have to be involved in the production of these films, i’m more thank okay with that!

Room for my own personal library. A spare house might do the job? At least the very least, i need more bookshelves.

The ability to erase certain books from my memory. Either because they were so bad I want to forget they exist, or because they were so good I want to read them again.

Magic to have books float and turn their own pages. So I can read without the use of my hands. Useful when: laying in bed snuggled under the covers, outside in the cold without getting frostbite, hands are busy shoving my face with cups of tea and cake.

To never be interrupted when reading again (expect in genuine emergencies). I don’t need to explain this one, right?

Sharing quotes on twitter and tumblr with just the power of thought. I love sharing quotes i love via twitter and tumblr, but if i don’t do it as soon as i read the quote and decide i want to share it, it won’t happen. But, stopping mid-read to type out a quote on my phone is a pain in backside and i lose my reading flow.

More wishes. I may have struggled to finish this list, but i’d like more wished for if and when i do think of more things!


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6 Responses to TTT: Bookish Wishes

  1. I’m with you on so much of this, but mainly on having more time and more space!

  2. @lynnsbooks says:

    Yeah, I like most of your book likes – except short story collections. They don’t really grab me. I understand about you wanting to forget the bad books – but if you really forget them – you might go and read them all over again!!
    I also thought of the floating books – but I couldn’t articulate it very well – that could be my wish No.8.
    Definitely need more time and space – I think that’s probably on everyone’s wish list.
    Lynn 😀

  3. Ayunda says:

    I agree on the last one, sometimes you read a good quote or passage from a book and you feel like you just want to share it to the world!!

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