Americosis Vol. II

ameri2Title: Americosis Vol. II

Author: Haydn Wilks

Summary: Texas. California. New York.

Hank is searching for the Savior. Libby’s looking for salvation. And the Savior’s looking to understand what the hell’s going on in the America he came to save.

Erica’s looking after the possible next President. He’s looking to change America. And John Baldini’s looking for his wife.

Everyone else is just looking for their next victim. The madness continues. Who will survive?

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Review: Having read and reviewed Volume I, the publishers contacted me to ask if i would interested in doing the same again with Volume II. Keen to see how the story would progress, i easily agreed.

In terms of writing, i enjoyed this volume significantly more than the first. I didn’t get the trashy fiction feel at all. Instead the writing is clever and genuinely funny. The introduction chapter, especially, i loved for the way it lightheartedly made fun of certain things. And then throughout the book, the representation of hollywood stars, religion and policemen were particularly well done without ever being too much.

All the story lines from the original are picked up and continued. We see where the time-traveller heads and what his plans are, we see Libby helping him along his path, we see Erica deal with her husband and her job. For me, the standout thread is still the second person ‘infection’ narrative. It’s excellently written, slowly creeping into each of the other story lines, and all without ever giving too much away. I want to know more, i want to know where it’s going and what happens.

This volume ends on the introduction of a new narrative, which was just as hooking as the ‘infection’. Set in a service station, it starts out quite innocuous, but when a naked person walks in and beats people to death, it gets your attention. I need to know more about this group of people, and what’s going to happen. Of course, i need the next volume.

My biggest issue with this series now, is that fact that it’s a series. That it’s being released in these small chucks, that leave me wanting more but in turn leave me waiting. I think i would enjoy the entire thing more as a full novel, rather than short snippets. It’s just a tease. With the multiple narratives, it’s much more frustrating because we’re left with three or four cliffhangers. I prefer the teasing build up of multiple narratives when i only have to wait until the next few chapters, rather than the next volume. Shorter volumes work better for me if there is only one narrative, and each installment has its own self-contained conclusion, even as the larger narrative arc continues.

Regardless of how i would prefer the books published, i will continue to read them as they come, because they’re are certainly fascinating and readable enough!

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