TTT: Tweeters

TTTI’m not the best social media person. I sort of don’t know what to say, and am yet to believe that anyone wants to hear it. Still, i’ve been trying lately (it was one of my bookish resolutions, after all).

Mostly I enjoy scrolling though my twitter feed and clicking on articles or throwing off a silly reply. These accounts are among my twitter favourites, for various reasons. I find them fun and inspiring, and I like what they have to tell me. You might too, I guess?


As much as enjoy his books, I do prefer the calibre of his tweets. His words about writing, about fiction, hold more interest to me.

She re-tweets others a lot, which I think bothers some people, but I find she re-tweets the very best stuff.

I don’t know who she is outside of twitter, but on twitter she writes the most lovely little observations that make me smile several times a day.

If you want weird, bizarre and interesting, look no further. He treads the strangest corners of the internet so you don’t have to.

I’m a huge fan of short stories, and it doesn’t get much shorter than 180 characters.

Reading is her job, and i’m insanely jealous. She’s also smart, funny and straight talking. It was stumbling across her twitter that led me to discover Book Riot.


A recent follow, as I am trying to read more diversely. I’m not doing the best yet, but at least I know that?

I just reeeeally love their six word story prompts, okay?

Their articles are always interesting, relevant and relatable.


Bookish fun for shits and giggles. Always good for random bookish bits to make me smile

Whose your favourite tweeter? Are YOU on twitter? Let’s be buddies; I need more reasons to use the damn thing.


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2 Responses to TTT: Tweeters

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    Nice post. Thanks for the links – I will check these out shortly.
    Lynn 😀

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