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This or ThatI actually have plans for some deep and meaningful (or, at least more focused and involved) posts about a few different topics, but I haven’t actually written them yet. You can have this for now.

I pinched this from the lovely Zezee, who i apparently disagree with on a lot of these questions! Regardless, it seemed like a light, fun meme-thing to do of an evening. So did it.

Reading on the couch or on the bed?
Bed, because I read right up until my eyes are heavy and then I fall asleep. I sit up in bed to read, because holding a book above your face is hard. But a quick shuffle and i’m horizontal and ready to snore.

Male main character or female main character?
Female, because I want more of them. I want more female characters, female authors and more females, everywhere, in everything, generally.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?
Salty, but only because i’m a savoury person. Also, it has to be finger food, because I will not be putting my book down. Also a warm drink, like tea or hot chocolate. Thank you.

Trilogies or quartets?
I have no strong feelings. I’m generally a little hesitant about starting any series, because it’s a commitment, and if I don’t read them quick enough i’ll forget details… So, generally I stick to stand alones, unless the synopsis is so amazing I can’t not read it, or unless I start reading before I realise it’s a series.

First person point of view or third person point of view?
Generally third person. I love first person when I really connect with the narrator, but it can be hit or miss. Third person is generally safer.

Reading at night or in the morning?
I sometimes read in the morning, if I have time. I always read at night before bed. And often i’ll read on the bus to and from work. In terms of this or that, though, it’d be at night.

Libraries or bookstore?
I like second hand or charity bookshops. I love not knowing what books i’ll stumble across. I love pre-read (and pre-loved) books; the idea that they’ve had a life before I got my hands on them. I love books that have been written in. BUT, I am also trying to use my local library more by pro-actively searching their catalogue for books I don’t own but want to read.

Books that make you laugh or make you cry?
Laugh. 100%, laugh. Either way, I love books that reach me on an emotional level, but I much much prefer to be laughing than crying.

Black book covers or white book covers?
Neither, either, both. Whatever suits the book, really. Though, saying that, when faced with with the two Doctor Sleep covers below, I did buy the black, so.


Character-driven or plot-driven stories?
Plot. I can enjoy character-driven books, but they are the exception rather than the rule. There a certain authors I will seek out if I want a character-drive story. Most of the time, I need some serious plot. I like twists and foreshadowing and challenging situations. Plot.

I’m not going to be tagging anyone, but if you fancy answering some silly questions, feel free to nab these ones or answer them in the comments. What do we agree on, and what are we going to fight about?


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13 Responses to This or That

  1. LizScanlon says:

    Nice tag-post.
    Interested to find out more about the wish for more main female characters… I thought there are plenty of these already? 🙂

  2. We’re very similar! Although I much prefer books that make me cry. For the record, I hate white book covers. I’ve got one right now, and its going to get all messy in my purse!

  3. Also… I think actually prefer male characters, even though I want more strong female ones. I still read plenty of books with female characters, but I just don’t care about what the men in a book look like– I feel like I get so much of that in books with female leads.

  4. Zezee says:

    Haha! Yea, we are opposites on this especially on the library vs. bookstore question. I love me some new books.

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