TTT: Frame-Worthy Covers

As I have admitted several times before on this blog—i judge books by their covers. I love a gorgeous book cover. I won’t buy a book solely based on its cover (coughanymorecough), but it will entice me to pick it up and find out more about it.

I chose this topic for today’s TTT because when I bought the first book on this list (a mere three weeks ago), I admitted to the guy in the shop, “I love that cover so much, I want to frame it and hang it on my wall.”

My cover love themes are well-established and show themselves strongly here: artwork, limited but bold colours, negative space…. these covers are just gorgeous.



SeasonsTiny DeathsWeird LiesThe Long Way to a Small Angry Planet







LagoonThe Instrumentality of MankindDeeperWonderbookSoppy






Any and all John Wyndham covers – I actually do have plans to get a bunch of these printed and framed







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4 Responses to TTT: Frame-Worthy Covers

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    What a good idea to have some of your favourite covers and framed. They’d look amazing
    The cover for Lagoon is stunning although I didn’t get on well with the book itself and eventually put it down. I do intend to give it another go though because it could have just been a mood thing.
    Lynn 😄

  2. Laura says:

    Those are all goregous! I have a real weakness for a beautiful cover too. My current favourite is the cover of The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe. The book is an excellent read as well 🙂

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