Winter Book Tag

winter book tag

Despite the fact that this year winter is decidedly wet and warm, and feeling not at all wintery, i’ve decided to go ahead and nab this winter book tag from the lovely ladies at Bitches with Books. It made me feel mildly more wintery for a little while.

I tried to answer most to these questions with books i haven’t read, but are on my ‘to read’ list, because the questions don’t really relate the having read the books. I thought it would be more fun this way. I don’t know if it was successful?

Grab a blanket and get reading!

127455 A book with a wintery cover:
The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I’m not sure if this cover is supposed to be wintery, because I think they are birds? But still, it looks like snow and gives me winter vibes, so i’m having it.



A book you’ll likely buy as a present:
Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. I have been wanting to buy my sister this book since I first heard about it. She’s a big ikea fan, so I thought this would be a fun gift for her. I finally bought it for her this year. And now I may also borrow it…

A festive-themed book:
Rudolph!: He is the Reason for the Season by Mark Teppo. I have opinions about Rudolph’s sex, but despite that, this is the most obviously festive-themed book of my ‘to read’ list.

A book you can curl up with by the fireplace:
The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon. I didn’t know what to put for this; any book is good to curl up in front of the fire with, so long as it’s a good one. So, I went for wordplay.

A book you want to read over the festive period:
Under the Dome by Stephen King. It has become my tradition to read really long dystopian novels in December to last over the Christmas and new year period. I’ve lined this one up for next year.

A book so good it gives you chills:
A Snowball in Hell by Christopher Brookmyre. I think the idea of this question is chills = cold, but the chills a good book gives me aren’t cold, so. Again, I went with the wordplay.

A book going to your Christmas wishlist:
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. This is the most recent book added to my ‘to acquire’ list.

A book you’d tear the last few pages out of to keep your fire burning:
Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold. I looooved this book, but the ending dragged on and on. It would be perfect if I could rip out the last 25 pages.

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2 Responses to Winter Book Tag

  1. Jane Doe says:

    Under the Dome: Don’t bother. Read it on hold when it first came out. Constantly harassed by red knecks who had already read it. Marginally better than the TV series though.
    I, Robot: Classic. Get it. Now.

    • Wendleberry says:

      What about Under the Dome didn’t you like? I just love the concept, and already have the book, so will likely at least give it a go.
      I just looked up I,Robot on wordery, and it has the most AMAZING cover, so i ordered it. Oops? But looooook:

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